Community Innovation Grants

Involve Your Community in Clean Energy

Tap into grants to start local, grassroots projects that build awareness of clean, renewable energy. Residents can apply for micro-grants, which range from $250 to $2,000.

Community Innovation Grants

Micro-Grants to Support Clean Energy Awareness

Are you interested in supporting clean energy? You, your group or organization can apply for community funding through the Community Innovation Grants Program. The Connecticut Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority (CEFIA) awards funding to cities and towns, which manage the funds through a local energy task force, council or commission. Through a grant-giving process, each task force awards micro-grants of $250 to $2,000 to citizens, groups and organizations that have applied for grants to start projects within their communities.

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Steps to Take Smart Energy Action

Your city or town must apply for and receive a Community Innovation Grant before you or your organization can apply for a micro-grant. Your community can apply if it has qualified to participate in the Clean Energy Communities program.

Once your city or town has received a Community Innovation Grant, you or your organization can apply to your local clean energy task force using this online form. The task force can accept your proposed idea or work with you to modify the scope or execution of the project. You may be asked to provide periodic reports to the task force and are required to submit a final report upon the completion of your project. 

Community Innovation Grant recipients and Clean Energy Communities can also borrow the SolarOne Harvester to demonstrate the power of solar energy at community events. The Harvester can power 110-volt devices up to 5.5 amps and can be used to power laptops, printers, radios, TVs, low-wattage lighting and signage. Learn more about the Harvester here. Contact us now so your community can demonstrate solar electricity at its next fair or event!

 Information and resources for participating in the Community Innovation Grants program:

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Who is Eligible?

If you or your organization has a cool idea to promote greater adoption of energy efficiency or renewable energy within your community, you can apply to your local clean energy task force for funding ranging from $250 to $2,000 per project. Participating communities have awarded grants to individuals, scouting troops, local nonprofit organizations and school environmental clubs. Even task forces can use grant funding for a project or for administrative expenses associated with promoting clean energy at the local level. All grant applicants must submit an application form.

Examples of successful projects include:

  • Offering compact fluorescent light bulbs or other energy-efficient devices as incentives to sign up for CTCleanEnergyOptions
  • Hosting an environmental expo to promote energy programs and sustainability
  • Conducting solar energy workshops

New opportunities could include:

  • Campaigns to drive participation in clean energy financing programs
  • Performing energy benchmarking on municipal buildings

The ultimate goal of this program is to increase awareness of the many energy-saving actions that can earn rewards for your city or town, including grants for energy-efficient projects and clean energy systems through the Clean Energy Communities program.