Aequitas Energy, Inc.

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11.44¢ peak
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555 Pleasantville Road, S107

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

(855) 799-8200
Aequitas Energy, Inc.

How does it work?

If you switch to this supplier, your utility will still deliver the electricity and your monthly bills.

  • Supplier: Aequitas Energy, Inc.

  • Utility: Eversource

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Offer Page Process

1. Be prepared – have a copy of your bill handy before contacting a supplier.  Suppliers might ask for your:

Account Number and/or POD ID

Service and Billing Address

Name Key

Billing Cycle

2. Ask the supplier when it will send your enrollment to the utility.

You have a statutory three-day rescission period under Connecticut law.  Suppliers must wait three days before sending the enrollment to the utility, but are required to submit the enrollment to the utility within seven business days of your request to enroll.

3. Know when your contract will start.

When you start with a new supplier depends on when the supplier submits the enrollment and your upcoming meter read date.  Enroll at least ten business days before your meter read date so the enrollment will become effective on your upcoming meter read date. 

4. Keep a copy of your contract handy.

Know when your contract is set to expire.   Most contracts contain automatic renewal provisions and may not renew at the rate you enrolled.  Suppliers are required to notify you 30-60 days prior to a contract expiration to explain renewal terms.  If you do not wish to renew on those terms, you must contact the supplier to cancel or negotiate a new rate, enroll with a new supplier, or contact the utility to return to standard service when your current contract expires.

Aequitas Energy, Inc. Complaints

2018 1 Complaint
2017 2783 Year End Customers
1 Complaint
2016 4008 Year End Customers
1 Complaint

Aequitas Energy, Inc. History

License Granted


Aequitas Energy was granted a Connecticut electric supplier license to serve residential and business customers on September 5, 2012 under PURA Docket No. 12-06-20.

License Granted


Constellation Energy Power Choice, Inc. was granted a Connecticut electric supplier license to serve residential and business customers on April 25, 2007 under PURA Docket No. 07-03-08.

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