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Four Ways To Better Manage Your Energy Use

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By now, we’ve all heard about the importance of saving energy. But is it easier said than done? The short answer: No! Small steps can contribute to big change—and it all starts at home. By better controlling your home’s energy consumption, you can help reduce your carbon footprint while improving the comfort of your living space.

Here are four tips to help you get started:

  1. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances: A great way to better manage your energy usage is by upgrading to energy-efficient appliances where possible. ENERGY STAR® appliances are designed to consume less energy and help you save on your energy bills. For instance, ENERGY STAR certified ground source heat pumps are over 45% more energy efficient than standard models.


  2. Switch to LED Lighting: Replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs- and fixtures is a cost-effective way to save energy. LEDs consume less energy, last longer, and produce less heat.


  3. Use Smart Energy-Saving Technologies: You can also use smart energy-saving technologies such as programmable thermostats, smart lighting and energy-efficient HVAC systems to reduce your energy usage. These technologies can help you automate your energy usage, adjust your energy consumption to your needs and keep your home or business comfortable. Plus, eligible customers can connect qualified smart thermostats to demand response programs available through your Energize ConnecticutSM Sponsors for additional incentives. 


  4. Practice Good Energy Habits: Practicing good energy habits can also help you better manage your energy usage. These habits include turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use, unplugging electronics that are not in use, using natural lighting instead of artificial lighting, and using energy-efficient curtains and blinds to regulate temperature. Need more ideas? Your Energize Connecticut Sponsors have a plethora of ways for you to save energy.

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