Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing a Supplier

    No. Eversource and UI buy electricity from wholesale suppliers for delivery to their customers. All customers pay what Eversource and UI pay to purchase this electricity - no more or no less. Eversource and UI do not profit from the electricity they deliver to you; they just pass through the cost.  Third party suppliers may profit from supplier contracts with you. 

    No. Only Eversource or UI can shut off your electric service.

    You will continue to receive one electric bill from Eversource or UI. The only difference is that the generation rate on your bill will reflect the rate offered by the electric supplier you selected.  Some suppliers offer direct billing. If you choose direct billing you will receive two bills - one from Eversource or UI for delivery service and one from the electric supplier for generation service.

    If you have questions or need help with Choosing an Electric Supplier you can speak to an energy professional at Connecticut’s Energy Information Line at (877) WISE‑USE (877-947-3873) or call the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority's Consumer Affairs Unit at (800) 382-4586.

      Your electric bill is divided into two major sections: delivery and generation. Since 2000 the generation portion of your bill has been deregulated, meaning that independent companies, known as “electric suppliers,” can compete to sell generation services. Customers of Eversource and UI have the option to receive generation service from a licensed supplier or to remain with and receive generation service from Eversource or UI.  The delivery costs on your bill remain fully regulated.

      Customers choosing to receive generation from an Electric Supplier should monitor the Supply Summary portion of their electric bill each month.  The Supply Summary shows the rate you are paying, a comparison of it to the utility's generation rate, the rate you will pay in your next cycle, and your contract term. You should know when your contract with your Electric Supplier is scheduled to end and monitor your mail or email for a renewal notice and renewal terms. Most Electric Supplier contracts automatically renew at a different rate, so customers must act in advance of their new rate going into effect. 


      The switch happens on your next meter reading date. Your next meter reading date is shown on the electric bill.

      Eversource and UI must provide electricity to customers who do not choose another electric supplier. Therefore, Eversource and UI are the default providers of electric generation services.

      Eversource or UI will continue to deliver electricity to your home or business and send the electric bill. The only difference is that the Generation Service rate on your bill will reflect the rate charged by the electric supplier. 

      Customers who wish to return to Standard Service must contact Eversource or UI by phone. Eversource and UI are required to switch residential and small business customers back to the Standard Service rate within two business days of the request and will prorate your bill accordingly. Be sure to check with your supplier regarding cancellation fees that may apply.

      Click here for more information from Eversource or speak to a representative at 800-286-2000 or local (Hartford/Meriden) at 860-947-2000.

      You can also ask to be returned to Standard Service through Eversource's Contact Us formClick here for more information from UI or speak to a representative at 800-722-5584.

      No. Eversource and United Illuminating no longer own power plants or produce electricity. Instead, they buy electricity from wholesale suppliers for delivery to any of their customers that have not chosen an electric supplier.

      Some may, but it is important to ask if a supplier is purchasing electricity or renewable energy credits (RECs). Most suppliers making voluntary renewable offers purchase the system mix of electricity and offset a percentage of your use with RECs. PURA issued a decision in Docket No. 16-12-29 restricting these RECs to areas beneficial to Connecticut and the suppliers' appeal of the decision is with the Connecticut Supreme Court.

      • Business customers should ask "is the generation rate fixed or variable?" Residential customers will always get a fixed rate.
      • How long is the contract?
      • Will the contract automatically renew at the end of the term?
      • If the contract automatically renews, can it renew for more than my current rate?
      • By when do I need to act to prevent the contract from automatically renewing?
      • When will you notify me that the contract is ending?
      • What are the monthly savings compared to the standard service rate?
      • Is an enrollment or other fee required?
      • Do you offer any benefits like a home energy assessment or an enrollment bonus.

      The switch happens on your next meter reading date and the meter reading date is shown on your electric bill.  Be sure to ask the supplier how your meter reading date will affect the date you switch. For more information about the process please see: "Enrolling with a Supplier - Understanding the process".

      No. Connecticut no longer allows suppliers to enroll residential customers into contracts with early termination fees. Business customers may incur a fee.

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