Residential Thermostat Incentives

Rebate Offer:
Up to $85 instant rebate
Incentive Duration
01/01/23 - 12/31/23
Average Initial Cost
$129 - $249
Average Lifetime Savings
Up to $180 for electric, up to $565 for gas
Average Lifespan
Around 10 years

How to get started

Check Eligibility

  • Rebates and instant discounts are available to residential customers of Eversource, UI, CNG and SCG
  • Equipment must be installed in the service territory of the participating utility

Technical Details

  • Wi-Fi enabled, ENERGY STAR® certified models


Financing is not available for this item.

What is the process?

There are three options for receiving a rebate. The first and easiest is to purchase through your Energize CT Sponsor's online marketplace. The rebate is applied to your purchase and delivered to your door. The second and third are an Instant Rebate where you, or your contractor, purchase a qualifying unit from a participating supply chain partner. Read more about the three options below.

    You can purchase a smart thermostat online by following the links below.

    Eversource Customers UI, CNG, or SCG Customers
    Visit the Eversource Savings Center Visit the UI Marketplace


    Use this digital coupon and bring it to a participating retailer to get up to $85 off.

    Participating retailers include:

    • Best Buy
    • Lowes
    • Home Depot

    Have your contractor purchase a smart thermostat from a participating distributor and receive an instant rebate of up to $85.