Questions about your rebate?

Commercial Clothes Washer

Rebate Offer:
Up to $200 per qualifying ENERGY STAR units
Incentive Duration
01/01/23 - 12/31/24
Average Initial Cost
Average Lifetime Savings
$400 - $1,600
Average Lifespan
10 years

How to get started

Check Eligibility

  • Rebates are available to Eversource or UI commercial and industrial customers and to CNG, SCG and Eversource industrial, commercial, and institutional customers on firm gas rates. 

  • Equipment must be installed in the service territory of the participating utility. 

Technical Details

  • Pre-approval and a post-inspection from the participating utility are required if the rebate exceeds $5,000.
  • Commercial Clothes Washers that are ENERGY STAR certified qualify for a rebate. Equipment must be rated on the ENERGY STAR website.
  • Used, leased, or rebuilt equipment is ineligible.


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What is the rebate process?

    We encourage you to apply online – the quickest way to obtain your rebate! 


    Apply Online


    If  you are not able to submit your application online, you can use the Mail-in Application below. Be sure to your signed rebate application and include all the required documentation.


    Mail-in Application

    Call 1-800-918-9369 or e-mail with rebate questions or for more information