Questions about your rebate?

C&I Prescriptive Weatherization (Wx) Incentives

Rebate Offer:
Incentive: Attic Insulation $0.035 sq. ft. | Incentive: Wall Insulation $0.145 sq. ft. | Rebate: $80 per hour of air sealing
Incentive Duration
06/20/24 - 12/31/24
Average Initial Cost
$2.00-$3.50/square foot (before incentive)
Average Lifetime Savings
Varies by heating fuel and size of area insulated.
Average Lifespan
Insulation: 25 years

Additional Details

Weatherization Incentive Chart Image

Eligible contractors can utilize the C&I Prescriptive Wx calculator to develop a qualifying weatherization project for qualifying customers of Eversource and Avangrid (the Companies) or as a subcontractor through approved program vendors such as Small Business Energy Advantage vendors.

How to get started

Check Eligibility

  • Incentives are available for C&I customers with facilities up to 8,000 square feet who have qualifying weatherization opportunities
  • Customers with heating and cooling loads highly driven by ventilation driven requirements such as those incurred by food service or laboratory settings are not eligible

Find an Eligible Contractor

  • An approved SBEA vendor or an eligible insulation contractor can assess if your facility has opportunities to upgrade your facility insulation and reduce air leakage
  • Contractors meeting state and local licensing requirements are eligible to participate 
  • Contractors working with Avangrid (UI/CNG/SCG) customers are required to meet additional Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst requirements.


Commercial and Industrial customers eligible to participate in the SBEA program may be eligible for 0% on bill financing.  

Customers not participating in the SBEA program may be eligible for financing through the National Energy Improvement Fund.

What's the process?

  • Step 1- Verify if your facility is eligible
  • Step 2- Your Contractor will complete assessment tool and provide you a proposal for the work
  • Step 3- Your contractor submits completed assessment tool and required documentation
  • Step 4- Your applicable Company will review and approve your project
  • Step 5- You will be provided an agreement for the project from your Company for signature
  • Step 6- Your Company will provide your incentive upon approved installation